Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Glen Rogers, West Virginia

IF you can do the drive over the snake called Bolt mountain, you can get to Glen Rogers, West Virginia. Its located in Wyoming County. At its height as a coal town, it was a model. In fact, despite its remote location, Glen Rogers boasted a Hotel/Boarding House, an Amusement hall, an ENORMOUS Company Store and a HUGE population of people, to occupy this place.

 I actually took the time to take a walk through the 3 story "hotel".

There is no hiding the vandalism. It provides a glimpse into 2 worlds: what the past was and how we currently deal with that past.

Despite the fact of intent to destroy these places, they are strong statements about what we were and what we have become. The welcoming seen of a fireplace is not lost....This place is not a sarcastic welcome, or a morbid hello. This is a place that was meant to make you take rest, take time to look and above all ask questions.........

The Glen Rogers Company Store is hiding, in plain sight, a huge structure burned by fire. The brick walls and twisted steel insides tell you this was a place of work. They worked and died...How did they do that in this place?

Front Facade, Glen Rogers Company Store

Why the fire, why the loss of interest, why did they go in such a hurry, or at least, why was I so late to come by and look?

Inside Store

The Amusement Hall is...ALL PLAYED OUT..

Front of Glen Rogers Amusement Hall

We can still look through the window. We can still ask, what did they see and know? We share the same view....

It is YET ANOTHER example of a coal town written so large that makes the average person stop.........and look......


  1. Opal "McClure" FreeJuly 2, 2014 at 4:38 PM

    Thanks for posting, brought back lots of good memories! Glen Rogers was a nice town when we grew up there it was a good place for our childhood. Sorry to see it so run down makes you sad!

    1. Sandra Herron-CookJuly 2, 2014 at 5:39 PM

      This was my mother's childhood, so many precious memories and stories she has told me of her growing up in Glen Rogers. The Company Store where her and her sisters would run down to pick out their dolls for Christmas. When her "Daddy" would bring her a cake, pie, or a banana to his girls. I would love to turn back time and just see the good times of my mother's life. We must preserve our heritage and those precious memories, so they will never be lost.

  2. i want to move to west virgina in the next 6 months.and i've been looking for towns and townships that were based on minning.why because i'm looking for a quite peacefull place to call home.i passed through W.V/V. and Kentucky and the people: mountians were all out-standing i mean theres just no words.signed paul send names of places yould like to share thank you